"Good English, well spoken and well written, will open more doors than a college degree. Bad English will slam doors you didn't even know existed."

-William Raspberry
(Washington Post Columnist)


"Mrs. Brown teaches students how to find their inner voice, how to trust it, and how to create a system of thinking that allows that voice to support what it states. In my field, I am called upon to write, review, interview, and speculate via the written word or to talk on radio or television. I have a reputation for excellence, and I attribute that directly to the influence of Mrs. Brown."
-Michael Cathcart, professional musician and entertainer

"Mrs. Brown was my English teacher, and this is important because writing has become an important part of my professional life. She understood my boundless curiosity and was the first to develop my skills as a reader and writer.  My writing skills improved more in that year with her than at any other time in my life."
-Scott Sorrentino, Writer/Producer


"Mrs. Brown is the ideal tutor. She is proficient in discovering a student's needs and abilities and devising strategies and activities to enhance and develop them. Her patience, dedication, and professionalism provide her students the opportunity for great progress and success."
-John King, Chairman, English Department


"When I was hired to run the school newspaper, my writing experience included screenplays, novels, and song lyrics.  It was Mrs. Brown who helped me learn how to write informative and editorial articles and then guided me to teach the student newspaper staff how to write them. My graduating students now have a rich background of writing and editing skills that she provided."
-Ed Nyahay, Media Arts and Journalism Educator


"Mrs. Brown has taught and helped students with their writing skills and also edited many of the school's communications, reports, and publications. She taught English to foreign students for the Peace Corps.  Mrs. Brown has excellent communication skills and can related to people of all ages."
-Mark Gilles, Social Studies Department Chairman


"Mrs. Brown teaches with love, care, understanding, and patience.  Not only will your writing skills improve, but you will find yourself becoming a better person. Because of her, I have been able to write essays that got me into the Peace Corps and the Fulbright programs."
-Chris Kajtor


"The essays we wrote and Mrs. Brown's assistance in the proper sentence structure and making one's point have lasted to this day. When I joined the Sheriffs Department, I had to write voluminous reports. Her teaching allowed me to become one of the best report writers in my unit,and I rose through the ranks to become Detective. She is one of the great teachers."
-Brinton Marsden, LASD(ret)


"In 2006, I gave the commencement speech for graduation. Not only did Mrs. Brown help me revise my speech, she also spent an hour with me,one-on-one, to help perfect my presentation. You will not find a writer or teacher who is more dedicated to her student's success."
-Peter Fuster, law student


"Mrs. Brown has counseled innumerable students towards success and has provided powerful tutoring. She displays an easy confidence that conveys to the student that anything is possible. Under Mrs. Brown's tutelage, many struggling students have found the courage to improve as writers."
-Alan Swaney, Vice Principal of Academics


"When I try to think of the perfect word to describe Mrs. Brown's style, there isn't one....there are many. The qualities of passion, individuality, understanding, warmhearted, and, most of all, patience make her a great teacher. It's one thing to plop a book on a student's desk and say, "Learn!" It's another to take that journey and become one with the student as he or she learns the way."
-Noah Beery, VP of Production, Endemol, USA


"Mrs. Brown gave me the gift of a lifelong curiosity about the world. She lit my imagination. In college, I was able to use that gift and it transformed my life. She is the sort of teacher who makes a difference in your life."
-Paul Bogdonovich, professional artist


“Patricia Brown has my unqualified praise. Having worked closely with her for ten years as a colleague and as Chair of the English Department, I have seen firsthand how she combines academic rigor and compassion for her students, empowering them to be better writers and critical thinkers.  She has the patience of a saint. Throughout  her many years’ experience teaching students of diverse backgrounds and ability levels, Ms. Brown has demonstrated the rare talent of meeting young people on their own level and inspiring them  to find their voices and grow their confidence. Look no further. Generous with her talent and rich in life experience, she is a dream English teacher! I highly commend her work as a mentor to new teachers. Beginners and veterans would deeply benefit from her practical wisdom in classroom management, writing pedagogy, and all aspects of the English curriculum. Ms. Brown is a wonderful teacher who has enriched the lives of all her students. Prepare to be amazed.”
-R. Reese Hatcher, PhD